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Wholesale Professional 105g Black Charcoal Mint Best Flouride Free Toothpaste

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Charcoal is the CBD of the oral care industry—it’s suddenly everywhere and in everything. What is activate charcoal ? Commonly found in water filters, activated charcoal is essentially a form of carbon that’s been treated to make the surface of its particles porous. All of those little nooks and crannies act like magnets for other particles (like the aforementioned dirt and oil) which it absorbs, allowing all of those unwelcome substances to be swept away when the charcoal is washed off.Activated charcoal — the type used in beauty products and toothpaste is a fine grain powder made from wood, coconut shells, and other natural substances that are oxidized under extreme heat.

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Product Name Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste
Ingredient aqua, sorbitol, hydrated, silica bamboo charcoal, sodium lauryl sulfate, cellulose gum, aroma,sodium benzoate
Type Daily use bamboo charcoal toothpaste
Feature Daily Use
Flavor Mint Flavor
Net Weight 105g
Color Black tube+black paste

Product detail


"Activated charcoal toothpastes are a rebirth of ancient medicine techniques. In theory, it binds to everything in its path—stains, tartar, bacteria, viruses, and maybe even your tonsils,”


Bamboo charcoal toothpaste has the ability of adsorption, humidity control and antibacterial. It can effectively clean teeth dirt without harming gums; it has strong adsorption effect and can clean deeply
A stain-removing toothpaste for everyday use that's safe for enamel.
A black and white striped paste with a refreshing mint taste.


IVISMILE’s toothpastes are gentle enough to use daily, even for the most sensitive teeth.

Our fluoride-enriched toothpastes, combined with twice-daily brushing and flossing, reduce build-up of plaque and the formation of tartar, keeping your smile white and healthy.

In combination with twice-daily brushing and flossing, IVISMILE’s toothpastes fight the bacteria caused by plaque build-up, keeping your enamel safe, preventing cavities and promoting fresh breath.

Build-up of plaque and bacteria can also affect your gums. Our toothpastes help prevent this build-up and reduce the risk of gum disease.

Fresh breath starts with clean teeth and gums – our unique formulation eliminates the causes of bad breath, like plaque and bacteria, and seals the deal with super-fresh ingredients like mint, wintergreen and rosa canina fruit oil for lasting freshness.

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