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Mouthwash, also known as oral rinses, is mainly used to clean the mouth, cover bad breath caused by bacteria or yeast decomposing food residues, and leave a comfortable and refreshing feeling in the mouth.

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Name Mouth Wash
Flavor Mint, Pepper mint,
Function Fresh,Freshen,Freshens Breath
Volume 250ml
Private Label Yes

Give your mouth complete care BY IVISMILE Mouthwash. This Fresh Mint-flavored mouthwash for bad breath provides six dental hygiene benefits in one powerful oral rinse & up to four times the fluoride uptake versus Act,* & provides 50% greater strengthening of weakened enamel vs. brushing alone in lab studies. The fluoride-rich oral rinse formula helps prevent cavities, restores enamel, & strengthens your teeth to improve oral health. Use remineralizing mouthwash to freshen breath, kill germs that cause bad breath, & clean your whole mouth. This oral rinse is a fresh mint flavor that gives your mouth a clean feeling you can taste.
IVISMILE with professional R&D Department, we are available to customize the ingredients and the flavor according to clients requirements. The professional and the fast service rate makes IVISMILE with good reputation on the worldwide

Product Details


(1)Kills 99.9% of bacteria that cause bad breath dental plaque and gingivitis
(2)Fight against tartar buildup.
(3)Long-lasting clean feeling can be extended by 3 times
(4)twelve days gargle for 30 seconds in the morning and evening

How to use
(1)take 20ml mouthwash
(2)Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds
(3) Spit out without rinsing with water


Advantage of Mouthwash

(1) Prevents unpleasant mouth odor, freshens and cools the mouth (i.e. prevents or eliminates bad breath);
(2) Inhibit dental caries (contains fluoride)
(3) Helps remove or inhibit the formation of dental plaque;
(4) Inhibit tartar or calculus formation;
(5) Improve oral soft tissue health;
(6) As a supplement to professional dental care, etc.

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