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Professional No Sensitive 10ml Advanced PAP Teeth Whitening Led Kit Private Logo

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1. Wireless Charge, more safe & more convenient.
2. PC Material Storage case, wear-resistant material & travel-friendly.
3, UV-C sterilization automatically for 5 minutes when put light into case.

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The principle of UV sterilization is to use the radiation ability of ultraviolet rays to destroy the DNA molecular structure of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms, making them lose their ability to reproduce and grow, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Advantages of UV sterilization

First, the use of UV sterilization technology is non-polluting to the product itself.
Second, it has an effective sterilization rate, reliable and safe operation. It has a high inactivation efficiency for bacteria and viruses.
Third, it has a high inactivation effect on sporidia and giardia.
Fourth, it also has a certain degradability, which can reduce odor and degrade trace organic matter.

1, Beautiful comfortable mouthpieces design
2, Green light flashing when light is charging, green light stays on when fully charged
3, When the battery power is ≤10%, turn on the low battery reminder, the red light flashes.
4,Blue light for activating molecules in whitening gel and accelerate whitening process.
Red light for sooth your gum, helps reduce sensitivity.

How to charge

Put light into storage case, connect the type c adapter with power supply.
Charge 2 hours can have 6-7 treatments.


1, 10ml whitening gel, 20+ treatment.

2, Enamel Safe formulation, suitable for all of people

3, Whitening result approved by USA SGS

4, Zero Sensitivity with Faster Result

5, 2 Years Shelf Life , stable gel status

6, Production in dust free workshop, strict followed GMP & ISO9001 Standard

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