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Wholesale Ce Approved Home Teeth Whiten Led Wireless Tooth Whitening Kit LED LIGHT

Short Description:

Wireless Chargeable: 32-LED wireless Teeth Whitening mouth tray Light.
NO NEED for batteries or additional mobile phone, there is a power bank inside of light for using.

Magnetic Charging: Just need touch, the charge line will perfectly connect with led light, and then it’s charging the power.
And only 2-hour to full charging, a full charging support to 5-7 times treatment. That means you can only charging it once a week.

Unique Combination Technology: With red and blue dual power lighting technology, blue LED is accelerator the whitening process, while the red light reduces the sensitivity of the teeth during the whitening process. According to the papers, they proved the blue leds at 440-480nm will help teeth whitening gel break down faster and make whitening process shorter.

Food-Grade Material: It’s made of TPE for the mouthpiece, it’s not only because it’s widely used in medical field, but also super soft without toxic.

Automatically Turn Off: The current timing is 15 minutes blue led and 10 minutes blue and red led at 2 settings, and then it will automatically turn off.
It also support to customized the settings and the timing.

Product Detail

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Waterproof Technology: The LED light with IPX6 waterproof. So you can use the teeth whitening kit in any circumstance,

Patent Led Light Worldwide: We have applied the design patent worldwide, so there is no problem for you to sell as long as you bought from us. And we are the manufacturer, that means you can get the best offer from us.

Quality Guarantee with Certificate: The device is FDA, CE approved, and also with other related certificate like CE-EMC, BPA free, RoHS ,FCC, there is no safety issue to use it.

Different Housing Color: Except the deep-black color, we have romantic-pink, angel-white color exist samples as well, and we also support to customized the other colors.

Teeth Whitening Gel

Not Test on Animals: We didn’t test on animals before, while or after making the products, nor raw material.

Non-Toxic: We are using Food-Grade material to made the product because it’s oral use product, it’s has to be this level.

Multiply Choise of Gel Ingredients: We can provide Carbamide peroxide from 0.1%-44%, Hydrogen Peroxide from 0.1%-35%, Non peroxide and currently in order to suit the EU market at no peroxide gel with better whitening result, we have developed a new ingredient called Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP).

Sensitive Free: We have improved the formula of the teeth whitening gel, Now formulated for those with sensitive teeth, and no need for additional desensitizing gel any more.

Shelf Life: After improved the formula, our gel shelf life extant to 18-24 months (home use teeth whitening gel-max 44%CP)

Flavor Choice: The standard flavor is mint,but we also support to all of the flavors you want to.

Easy Use of Pen: When you use the teeth whitening pen, you only need twist the top of the pen, and you can apply the whitening gel evenly on your teeth.

No Bubble Whitening Gel: While we manufacturing the gel, we will have a process called “Deaeration”, so that you can have full 2ml gel.

High Quality Silk Printing: Besides the normal silk printing, we are also able to do the hot-stamping and silver logo( only to plastic pen/syringe)

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