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IVISMILE Wholesale Oral Care Mint Flavor Teeth Whitening Foam Mousse Liquid Toothpaste

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Model Number: IVI-FT

Modern people pay more and more attention to oral hygiene. We refuse to have yellow teeth, and we also pay attention to the health of our gums. Because healthy teeth will accompany us to old age, a healthy toothpaste is a must-have in people’s daily life.

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However, ordinary toothpaste cannot help us truly whiten our teeth and freshen our mouth. What we need is one: foam tooth whitening mousse. The foam mousse toothpaste produced by Nanchang Smile Technology can deeply clean and whiten the fine crevices in our oral cavity. Some bacteria accumulated in the teeth can be completely removed and can penetrate into every corner of the oral cavity. Effectively cleans teeth stains and solves bad breath problems.

With so many toothpaste brands on the market, how to let consumers choose an effective and healthy toothpaste, foam mousse toothpaste has the following advantages:

First: It has medical-grade oral care and has inherited the 5,000-year history of traditional Chinese medicine.

Second: The requirements for pregnancy and infant level, so you can rest assured!

Third: it is also the world's first important oral care product.

Nanchang Smile Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D and production. The existing staff has reached nearly 100 people, and the company's personnel in the professional field all meet the pharmaceutical requirements, and the personnel in each position have certain qualifications. The division of labor within the company is clear, the functions of each department are clearly planned, and it has a production base of 20,000m2, constantly seeking better products in practice, and the company's internal supporting facilities are also very complete.

The business undertaken by our company is mainly based on OEM. All relevant enterprises are welcome to consult. Our company will provide one-stop service from research and development of products to production and shipment and brand output. The internal processing machines of the enterprise are all imported from advanced equipment. The personnel provide operation guidance, the production line is clean, and meets the strict requirements of various drug supervision. Hand in hand with our company, we will definitely give you a satisfactory result.

Product Name Home Use Teeth Whitening Foam toothpaste
Content 1x 50ml Teeth whitening foam toothpaste

1x paper box

Feature Home Use teeth whitening
Treatment Brush tooth 2 minutes
Ingredients Sodium bicarbonate, PAP,  Peppermint Oil
Certificates CE,FDA,CPSR, MSDS
Service OEM/ODM

Product Detail

s m06


1, Dispense foam on toothbrush

2, Gently brush for 2-3 minutes

3, Spit out and smile

1x50mlPaper boxMint,
Strawberry,Charcoal Flavor-
Volume Choice-
Foam Color Choice
Support custom packaging, boxes, etc

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