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U-Shaped Teeth Whitening Kit

Short Description:

Model Number: IVI-05

U-shaped teeth whitening kit is modified and optimized on the basis of IVI-01 whitening kit. This set has the advantages of convenient and efficient use such as the IVI-01 set. At the same time, the structural combination of lights has been optimized and upgraded. The lamp denture is adjusted to be a detachable denture. The advantage of the detachable denture is that it can be sterilized by soaking in boiling water after use. Greatly improve the cleaning ability of the product after use.

Product Detail

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Product Name Home Teeth Whitening Kit
Content 1x U shape Teeth Whitening light
3x 2ml Teeth Whitening Aluminum Pen
1x Shade Guide
1x Charging Cable
1x User Manual
Feature Home Use
Treatment 15 minutes + 10 minutes
Ingredients 0.1%-44%CP, 0.1%-35HP, PAP, NON PEROXIDE
LED Number 32 LED
LED Colour Blue and Red
Service OEM/ODM

Product Detail

V-shaped teeth whitening lamp has the same effect as IVI-01 lamp, but at the same time, it pays more attention to the hygiene of the product itself after use. U-shaped whitening lights are paired with two colors of light: blue and red. Blue light mainly accelerated the activity of active enzymes in whitening gel and improved the efficiency of REDOX reaction between whitening gel and tooth stains on tooth surface. Red light is mainly used to soothe gums. During the process of teeth whitening, people need to open their mouth and the continuous expansion of oral muscles will cause gum discomfort. Red light can effectively relieve the gum discomfort. After use, the U-shaped tooth whitening lamp can be cleaned with clean water and the denture can be soaked in boiling water for disinfection. The instrument is divided into two modes. You only need to touch the switch to turn it on. The first mode is blue light mode, the second mode is red and blue light mode, and the third mode will shut it down. The U-shaped lamp is also equipped with a timer function, 15 minutes for blue light mode and 10 minutes for red and blue light mode. Each mode will automatically shut down after use. The lamp can be used for 4-6 whitening sessions on a full charge, which takes 2 hours to fully charge. Low power will flash red light reminder, charging green light flashing, full charge green light on. U-shaped dental beauty instrument is certified by SGS, the third party testing structure, the existing certificates CE, FDA, RoHS, REACH, etc., the quality is reliable.


How to whiten teeth?

1. Rinse your mouth with clean water and brush teeth before use.
2. Record the tooth color grade and record it.
3. Remove the cup from the gel tube and twist the end of tube clockwise and brush the gel on teeth surface.
4. Bite the mouthpiece and start whitening treatment with different mode option.
5. Rinse mouth again after whitening treatment and take the mouthpiece off.
6. Record the teeth grade according to the shade guide and the smile.

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