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Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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Home Teeth Whitening Kit farewell to the traditional dental clinic whitening, efficient whitening and convenient whitening is our service tenet. At the same time, the cost of whitening at a dental office can buy 20 or more home teeth whitening kits. Why not opt for a whitening kit that bright your teeth at home?

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Product Name Home Teeth Whitening Kit
Content 1x Teeth Whitening Accelerator
3x 2ml Teeth Whitening Gel Pen
1x Shade Guide
1x Charging Cable
1x User Manual
Feature Home Use
Treatment 15 minutes
Ingredients 0.1%-44%CP, 0.1%-35HP, PAP, NON PEROXIDE
LED Quantity 32 LED
LED Colour Blue and Red
Service OEM/ODM

Product Detail

Many people will be curious about the function of our teeth whitening accelerator in the teeth whitening kit, whether it is in the dental office or home whitening kit will be equipped with the teeth whitening accelerator, does the accelerator whiten teeth or not? The answer is obviously no, the teeth whitening device can not whiten teeth, so why wear the device? Here we will show you why.

The teeth whitening accelerator itself does not have the function of whitening, but it can speed up the gel reaction and shorten the duration of teeth whitening treatment. It usually takes 30-60 minutes to use a single gel. This process is very boring, because you can't do anything other than whitening during the process. Therefore, in order to shorten the whitening time, we found that blue light in a specific wavelength (460-480NM) can accelerate the reaction ability and activity of the active enzymes in the whitening gel, so that the active enzymes can react faster with the tooth stains on the surface of the teeth to whiten teeth.


The core product of teeth whitening is teeth whitening gel. Our teeth whitening gel is a whitening formula that has been carefully researched and developed by our research and development team and is sensitive-free. No animal testing; Efficient whitening; SGS certification. The core whitening components of the gel are hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, PAP, sodium bicarbonate and other components containing oxygen atoms. Whiten teeth is mainly achieved through the oxidation of tooth stains on the surface of the teeth by oxygen atoms.

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