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3% HP whitening toothpaste for effective teeth whitening (3%hP is the highest HP that can be added to a toothpaste.

Product Detail

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Product Name 3% HP whitening toothpaste
Toothpaste 1 piece
User Manual 1 piece
Feature Home Use
Treatment 2-3 mins/time
Ingredients Hydrogen Peroxide
Flavor Mint
Shelf Life 2 years
Service OEM/ODM

Product Detail

This product is made of the expert stain removal and fresh oral formulas to offer whitening effects 3 times more than those of general toothpaste.

Why can IVISMILE's Tooth Whitening Foam?

Experiments have proved that HAP particles have good biocompatiblity and high affinity with tooth enamel,and its mineralized liquid can effectively from remineralized deposits, prevent dental caries.Toothpaste contaning HAP material has a strong adsorption effect on salivary protein and giucan, can reduce dental plaque in the patient’s mouth, promote the healing of gingivitis, and has a better prevention and treatment effect on caries and periodontal disease.


Can IVISMILE 3% HP whitening toothpaste alone whiten teeth?

IVISMILE teeth whitening toothpaste contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide has proven to be an enamel-safe and effective ingredient in whitening toothpaste. It not only removes surface stains, but also goes beyond to whiten teeth both inside and out.


IVISMILE manufacturer of dental oral products in China, the products are already on sale in the United States and parts of Europe, with the expansion of the market and the passage of time, HP whitening toothpaste will gradually become a part of life. Welcome every customer's inquiry.

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