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SONIC Electric Toothbrush With 2pcs Toothbrush Head Electric Toothbrush

Short Description:

Latest technology blue led light electric toothbrush with 6pcs bulb blue led safely and efficiently whitens teeth 2-3 shades whiter combine with whitening toothpaste. 4 ultrasonic unique modes to help brush stubborn teeth stains caused by coffee, smoke, drink, tea etc.

Product Detail

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Product Name LED Electric Toothbrush
Content 2x Toothbrush Heads
1x Toothbrush Handle
1x Charging Stand
1x Charging Cable
1x User Manual
Modes Clean, Sensitive, Polish, White
Blue LED Wavelength 460-465nm
Frequnece of Vibration 34800-38400 VPM
Battery Capacity 800mAh
Charging Time 10 hours
Standby Time 25 days
Waterproof IPX7

Product Detail


How blue led work ?

There’re various electric toothbrush with same function just different designs. Compared with most toothbrush we add blue led inside the toothbrush heads for whitening. The blue led was proved that accelerating peroxide ingredient and speed up the whitening treatment, and get your teeth whitener 2-3 shades.


4 Cleaning Modes ?

Clean: At brush strokes per minute, it removes plaque with superior efficiency in a two-minute program. The clean mode is the base setting on the toothbrush. If you’re going to stick to one mode, make it this one.

Sensitive: If you’ve got sensitive teeth or gums, or you just find the ultrasonic vibrations a little overwhelming at first, switch to the Sensitive mode. In this mode, the toothbrush vibrates with lower intensity, going easier on your teeth and gums.

Polish: Improve the gloss of the tooth surface. Swing changes rapidly. The vibration intensity changes rapidly within 0.1 second to stimulate the polishing effect. It can be used for extra treatment of the incisor area to whiten the teeth.

White: The toothbrush works a bit harder to remove surface stains caused by things like coffee and tea.


How to use ?

1.Install the heads on the toothbrush body;
2.Wet the toothbrush head and apply the whitening toothpaste (peroxide or PAP) on toothbrush heads;
3.Turn on the toothbrush and choose the best mode to brush your teeth for 2min;
4.After 2min, the toothbrush will turn off automatically, rinse the brush head and body with water;
5.Smile !

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