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The PAP+Activated Carbon Wet Teeth Whitening Strips

The PAP+Activated Carbon Wet Teeth Whitening Strips are an innovative solution for achieving a whiter smile.

The main features of these strips are as follows:

Usage: Each whitening session lasts 20-30 minutes, making it convenient to incorporate into your daily routine.
14 Treatments: The package contains 14 pouches of strips, providing a two-week supply for consistent use and optimal results.
Non-Slip: The strips are designed to stay securely in place during the whitening process, ensuring maximum contact with the teeth for effective whitening.
Natural Charcoal Absorb Stains: The activated carbon in the strips helps to absorb stains and discoloration on the teeth, resulting in a brighter smile.
FDA, CPSR Approved: The product has approved by regulatory authorities, ensuring its safety and compliance with quality standards.
Shelf Life: The product has a shelf life of 2 years, allowing for long-term storage and use.

Product Description:

Ingredient: The strips are made with a combination of PAP and activated carbon, known for their teeth whitening properties.
Contains: The package includes 14 pouches of strips, along with a manual, shade guide, and package box. This ensures that you have all the necessary tools for a successful whitening experience.
Mint Flavor: The strips have a refreshing mint flavor, making the whitening process more enjoyable.
Box Size: The package comes in a compact box with dimensions of 13.582.5cm, allowing for easy storage and travel.
GW: The gross weight of the package is 47g.

Customization Options:

Strips: The ingredient composition of the strips can be customized to suit specific requirements or preferences.
Logo Printing: The pouches, user manual, shade guide, and package box can be customized with a printed logo, allowing for branding or personalization.
Flavors: The flavor of the whitening strips can be customized to cater to individual preferences.

Post time: Oct-30-2023