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Teeth Whitening Gel for a Flawless and Radiant Smile

We are thrilled to announce the of our revolutionary Teeth Whit Syringe, a-edge solution individuals a radiant. Our product is formulated with-peroxide hydrogen per (HP), and carbamide peroxide (CP) ingredients, delivering exceptional results without any harmful side effects.

1.Extrinsic Tooth Discoloration: Say goodbye to stains caused by coffee, tobacco, sauce, tea, food, and other external factors that affect the natural color of your teeth.
2.Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration: Our Teeth Whitening Syringe effectively tackles mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining, restoring the natural whiteness of your teeth.
3.Genetically Yellow Teeth: Combat the genetic predisposition to yellow teeth, enhancing your smile with a noticeably brighter appearance.
4.Other Causes of Teeth Discolor Our product effectively addresses various other factors that to tooth discoloration, ensuring a comprehensive whitening.
5.For All Individuals Seeking a Whiter & Brighter Smile: Our Teeth Whitening Syringe is suitable for anyone longing for a more vibrant smile, regardless of the cause of their dental discoloration.
Certificate: Our Teeth Whitening Syringe 3Pcs holds the prestigious CE and SGS certifications, guaranteeing its safety, quality, and compliance with international standards.
Usage: Our product is designed for convenient home use, making it the perfect solution for enhancing your smile in the comfort of your own surroundings. Additionally, its compact size makes it suitable for travel use, ensuring your smile stays bright no matter where you go. Moreover, it is also suitable for office use, allowing you to upkeep your dental hygiene during busy work hours.
Service: We offer exceptional OEM, ODM, and Private Label services, allowing you to customize Teeth Whitening Syringe according to your branding needs.
Flavor: Our Teeth Whitening Syringe features a refreshing mint flavor, providing a pleasant and invigorating experience during the whitening process.
Syringe Volume: Choose from our range of syringe volumes, including 3ml, 5ml, and 10ml, to suit your personal preferences and requirements.

Why need this kit?
Three Syringe Extended Use: Our Teeth Whitening Syringe 3Pcs Kit comes with three syringes, ensuring you have an ample supply of our effective whitening solution. Each syringe is filled with a generous amount of the whitening gel, allowing you to continue your whitening journey without interruptions.
Syringe Replacements Available: In the unlikely event that you run out of syringes, we offer syringe replacements to meet your needs. You can choose from our 3-refill pack or any other quantity required. With our syringe replacements, you can enjoy continuous teeth whitening without any hassle.

How long do refills usually last?
Usually after you use up the original syringe, I believe your teeth have reached the necessary level, and you use it twice a week for at least a month and a half.

Post time: Feb-26-2024