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Keep your teeth white with good habit and simple way!

You can usually brush your teeth with baking soda and salt. By brushing with baking soda and salt in toothpaste, you can quickly whiten your teeth. Orange peel powder and lemon juice brushing whitening effect is also very good, but also can kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory, prevent periodontal disease. You can also gargle with white vinegar, but not for long term use.

Yellow teeth can seriously affect people’s confidence, and even affect people’s social interaction, leading to psychological abnormalities. Many patients with yellow teeth suffer from depression and anxiety because they are afraid to talk to others and are afraid of being laughed at. This is very bad for your overall health. But as long as the teeth whitening can improve the yellow teeth, then what are the teeth whitening prescriptions?
Daily tooth whitening
1. Brush your teeth with baking soda and salt
Add baking soda and salt to the toothpaste, mix it up, and brush your teeth with it for a few days to effectively whiten your teeth. Because salt can rub against the surface of teeth, it can effectively remove food debris from the surface of teeth. Baking soda can also act as a curing agent and provide a protective coating for teeth.
2. Paint your teeth with orange peel
After the orange peel is dried, it is ground into a powder and put in the toothpaste. It can whiten your teeth by brushing your teeth with this toothpaste every day. Brushing with this toothpaste can also play a bactericidal role, can effectively prevent periodontal disease.
3. Gargle with white vinegar
Rinse your mouth with white vinegar for one to three minutes every two months to improve your teeth. Gargling with white vinegar should not be used every day, as it will irritate and erode teeth and may lead to sensitive teeth if used for a long time.
4. Brush with lemon juice
Add some lemon juice in toothpaste, and then use this toothpaste to brush your teeth can also help the whitening . This method should not be used for a long time, but only once every other month.
How to keep teeth white ?
1. Get your teeth cleaned regularly
Regular dental cleaning can not only keep your teeth white, but also effectively prevent a variety of periodontal diseases, because dental cleaning can remove periodontal stones, which is very good for the mouth.
2. Clean up food scraps regularly
Keep your teeth white by cleaning up food scraps regularly after meals. Floss or use mouthwash to clean them so they don’t erode your teeth.
3. Eat less foods that stain easily
Eat less food that stains easily, like coffee and coke, these things these things.
4. Avoid smoking and drinking
Smoking and drinking can not only cause yellow teeth, but also bad breath, so it’s best not to have this habit.


Post time: Dec-21-2022