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Mini LED teeth whitening kit

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From appearance, box design are same magnot box but this one with Blister layer inside.

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From appearance, box design are same magnot box but this one with Blister layer inside.

On the top, it's 3 pcs 3 mliter teeth whitening syringe with 3 pcs small tips, this tip is a seal which can protect the gel away from air. we will also come with 3 replacement long heads, which can save gel and make the application even.

The bottom is 1pc mini led light and 1pc mouth tray, it has 5 lamps on it for whitening. Whitening 30 minutes is enough.

This mouth tray, it's transparent TPE material,clear and beauty thing, before use, we need connect this mouth tray with led light.
Finally,apply the gel on the mouth tray evenly and then you can bite it. This syringe can used around 4 times, if you do whiten once per day, this whole kit can used around 2 weeks.

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