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Hot Selling Household Good Quality Instant Bright White No Sensitivity V34 Teeth Whitening Dry Strips

Short Description:

V34 Teeth Whitening Strips are very friendly to sensitive teeth. Not only can it remove stains, but most importantly, it will not cause sensitivity to teeth and gums. Therefore, if you have sensitive teeth, this Teeth Whitening Strips is very suitable for you.

Product Detail

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Product Name V34 Teeth Whitening Strips
Application For Home Use
Package 14pouches
Treatment 14 Days
Color purple
Keyword Effective Whitening
Storage Keep in cold & dry place
Service Retail.wholesale.OEM
Expire Time 12 Months

Product Detail

V34 products are very popular in the market. The purple packaging of this V34 teeth whitening strips represents the characteristics of the product.The principle of this teeth whitening strips is: the strips is purple, and the stains on our teeth are yellow. Mixing purple and yellow will turn white. So using this teeth whitening strips, our teeth will become brighter and whiter, bringing us a joyful mood!


3.wait for 30mins


Main feature

1. It is not easy to slip and can firmly adhere to our teeth.
2. It is not easy to have residue, and after using the teeth whitening strips, our teeth will be clean and bright white.
3. Suitable for use in groups with sensitive teeth, without damaging teeth and gums.
4. Support customization.

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